Partnering up to write down a working plan!

Global Hemp Service recently signed joint agreement with China’s main hemp business network platform New Hemp Media during ceremony at The Development Conference of China Hemp Industry in Shenzhen, Guangdong on November 19th 2021. The joint agreement is a wonderful way forward to seal common wish from both our organizations to enable and empower bridges between China Hemp industry and the rest of the world. This agreement starting working plan has defined 3 initial objectives as follow:

  1. Integrate global resources. By focusing on hemp industry associations in Europe and USA, Global Hemp Service will propose them to enable dialogue with Yunnan hemp association and China Hemp stakeholders. This dialogue will enable the creation of joint activities such as international webinars and signature of strategic win-win-win cooperations agreements. This newly established communication channel will also enable building bridges between hemp academics all over the world, leading to joint training courses, seminars and conferences. Ultimate objective is to jointly enable R&D for the hemp industry, both in science and technologies to bring hemp on the global market and compete fairly across regions.
  2. Support hemp seed market. Currently 4 provinces in China are active in the production and transformation of hemp seed: Heilongjiang, Shaanxi, Guangxi and Yunnan. The Sunwu county of Heilongjiang started ahead with consultancy agency PWC as strategic partner in China to collect product information and analyze processing of waste stalks from hemp industry to transform into biofuels or other hemp derivatives. Pilot processing facilities are underway and will be ready to add products to international sales catalog within a few months, such catalog will include hemp seed derivatives such as oils, proteins and wheats.
  3. Elevate Cannnabinoid image. Add extra focus on minor cannabinoids extraction with high pharma and nutraceutical global standards. Such minor cannabinoids are extracted in Yunnan province with successful cases on CBDv as well as CBG. The transparent communication of stakeholders, from farming to means of production will help commercialization of Yunnan cannabinoids to global marketplaces.

Global Hemp Service has already started promoting sales channels for high quality CBD from China to the world. Current leads span from Americas to Europe with enough versatility to serve small scale customers as well as large retailers. In Global Hemp Service’s current catalog, CBD comes in the form of CBD tinctures with variable concentration, CBD cartridges for the new tobacco industry (including e-cigarets and low temperature cigarets, CBD broad spectrum oils and CBD isolates. 

Global Hemp Service is also actively seeking financial investment partners to accelerate the creation of Hemp Derivatives product collections apart from CBD in order to broaden offer horizontally including products for the food industry such as hemp seed hearts, hemp protein powder, hemp craft beer, hemp seed heart paste, hemp seed heart noodles, hemp seed heart oil, hemp seed heart liquor and for the cosmetics industry such as hemp leaf repair mask, hemp leaf eye cream, hemp leaf relief pain gel, hemp leaf repair gel, hemp leaf lip balm, hemp leaf massage oil, hemp leaf hand cream, hemp leaf cream, hemp leaf anti acne gel, hemp leaf body wash, hemp leaf shampoo, hemp leaf body lotion and hemp leaf foot bath.

signature ceremony