Traffic Leash

A nice leash with extra handle to keep your pet close in special situations.


The leash with the extra handle, located close to the hemp fiber latch, is perfect for daily walks with your pet.

Use a long leash for daily walks, and a shorter leash for active sidewalks, bike lanes and tight spots, for maximum control of your dog. The leash has a simple modern design and shape, laconic restrained color. Among other things, it is very important that this leash is securely attached to the collar, it does not unbutton and rub itself, that is, your pet does not slip out of your control.

The main advantage of the leash is that it is made of natural hemp fiber, which is characterized by increased strength, resistance to damage, wear. The leash is equipped with a metal carbine, which rotates around its axis and prevents tangling of the strap while walking, and in addition has anti-corrosion properties.