No-Pull Harness

No-Pull harness to prevent your dog from escaping and giving your dog comfort around the neck.


Perfect for dogs who escape from adjustable collars. This harness comes with a “No-Pull” D-Ring which can be used to help train your dog to walk properly.

The harness is designed to control the behavior of a pet while walking or exercising, allowing it to be held in the most comfortable position. The strap is provided with two rings to secure the leash around the dog’s back, and a ring in front of the chest to adjust the behavior, which is very convenient when training the dog to walk sideways without pullinf the leash. Thanks to adjustable straps and size options, straps are matched to any breed of dog. It has a simple modern design and shape, a laconic restrained color.

The main advantage of the webbing is that it is made of natural hemp fiber, which is highly durable, resistant to damage and wear.