Ankle Socks
The world’s 1st ankle socks🌲🧦
Amp up your wardrobe with our new socks made from premium hemp fiber. Super comfortable and durable, they were made short and simple for you to wear with your favorite pair of hemp shoes.
💪 Durable
🍁 Softened Hemp fibers
🦶 Anti-slip silicon heel patch
🦠 Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial
💨 Breathable


#1 hemp socks

Highly breathable, ultra softened and also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

These are the new socks by 8000Kicks which have been under development for the past 1 year. They are 100% vegan and ecological, because that’s the type of socks you want to wear with your favorite pair of sustainable hemp shoes.

Softened hemp fibers

Isn’t hemp rough and uncomfortable? Yes, it is, unless you reengineer the fiber, like we did.

We reverse engineered how these natural materials work and we applied natural fabric softeners like baking soda, white vinegar, lavender oils.

The result … drums … ultra softened hemp fibers!

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