Skin Scrub

A simple Hemp Scrub for your beauty routine

Hemp scrub is a wonderful bathroom accessory that allows you to pamper yourself with beauty treatments without leaving your beloved home. The comfortable handle helps you to hold it firmly in your hand and adjust the intensity during scrubbing. Such a scrub is made of a rough hemp mat, it can be used to massage the steamed body in the shower and bath on its own, also in the SPA, massage parlor. Massage is extremely beneficial for the skin: it removes toxins, accelerates blood and lymph, exfoliates the remnants of dead skin and burns fat.

The hemp shower accessory is quite durable, wear-resistant products, they are not eaten by moths, mold does not form on them. In order to maintain the durability of such a washcloth-scrub, it is important to rinse thoroughly after each use and dry well.

And the most important plus of such a product is completely natural ingredients without harming nature. No more aggressive and artificial means.