Passion for Cannabis

A plant for the environment

We put our faith in the natural and versatile properties of Industrial Cannabis, also named “hemp” which has the potential to solve many environmental and societal issues. 

Global Hemp Service (GHS) website went live in 2021 with the active support of ApplifeDigital who put their trust in our Founder Paul Iglesia to build a global marketplace for industrial hemp products. 

A marketplace for the people

After a couple of years research and building a global network with hemp stakeholders from farmers to retailers, GHS is actively adding more and more products to its marketplace with the objective to list every single product made with Hemp in every country of our Planet. 

A solution for the future

Not only do we love connecting with new hemp people but also we love working on anything that brings greater good to the planet, Hemp is truly a . We’ve been supplying our local and international clients with nice and constructive hemp ideas since 2018. You are always welcome to contact us because we give priority to global adoption of hemp, and it starts with you, with us, now.



Global Hemp Service LLC is registered in Delaware, United States since 2021

Meet GHS’s Founder: 

Paul Iglesia – CEO


Our work