GHS operates for the positive development of hemp globally.


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GHS was founded by Paul Iglesia. We are a decentralized network of agents getting together for our client’s projects. Our agents are currently located in France, China, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Belgium. 

Global Hemp Service outsources each of our technical, legal and financial services. 

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We want to diversify investment opportunities and drive capital toward hemp. 

Over the years we have studied the hemp market and analyzed opportunities to make a truly sustainable supply chain that can answer the future needs of Humanity in terms of nutrition, price and environmental protection. 

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Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a variety of the Cannabis plant species that is grown specifically for industrial use. It can be used to make a wide range of products. You can find hemp in many countries around the world, historically it is said to come from a region between today’s Russia and China’s territories.

Industrial Hemp is legal in most countries worldwide. Consult us if you have any doubts about starting a hemp project in your country. 

Visit our shop to see all hemp products we carry. Currently we have added products which contain industrial hemp extracted from hemp fiber, hemp stem, hemp seed, or hemp roots. 

We do not offer illegal cannabis products in our shop and if you have any doubts about laws in your territory, shoot us an email before buying our products. 

We have multiple services thanks to a very wide and versatile network of operators. So from advice on growing hemp to very high tech blockchain supply quality tracking, we know it all. You just have to ask

We don’t claim that hemp can save the world, but at least part of it yes. 

Hemp is one of the only thing that can tick yes to all ” cheap, fast, good”.

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