September 23
Organized by : XPOCANNA


LEHIGH VALLEY CANNABIS INDUSTRY EVENT The LeHigh Valley PA Cannabis Expo presented by XpoCanna Cannabis Conventions and Exhibitions, September 23rd and 24th, 2023 at Agri-Plex at the Allentown Fairgrounds will be two cannabis events rolled into one (LeHigh Valley cannabis business convention & consumer expo). First, visitors, cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and the general public can enjoy the Pennsylvania cannabis trade show which will offer educational and informational seminars and discussions surrounding cannabis advocacy, research, education and awareness, the political landscape and more. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about the production of marijuana, cannabis, hemp and CBD goods and how these all-natural products can positively impact your lifestyle. Second, existing and new cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs and investors can take part in the Montana cannabis business convention events at the trade show which will include panel discussions surrounding the current cannabis political climate, existing / new legislation, business opportunities and foreseeable growth, networking opportunities, career opportunities and more. LEHIGH VALLEY CANNABIS BUSINESS CONVENTION – B2B NETWORKING As a business that offers cannabis products or services in and around Montana, you can take part in the trade show in one of two ways. You can be an exhibitor and display your products or services to all the visitors at the expo, ultimately getting your brand noticed and having the ability to build collaborative relationships with other cannabis industry disciplines. Or you can simply attend the show to visit and network with exhibiting cannabis related vendors including doctors and physicians, local dispensaries and producers, ancillary cannabis product manufacturers, CBD product distributors and many more. Furthermore, all participants at the show, visitors and exhibitors alike, have the chance to listen in on panel discussions regarding the business aspect of cannabis and the current political / legal landscape. These panel discussions will feature local politicians, lawyers, business owners and producers. At the end of each discussion, you will have the chance to ask questions during a Q&A session. LEHIGH VALLEY CANNABIS MEDICAL TRADE SHOW – PATIENT ADVOCACY Patients that currently use medical marijuana or those looking to become a patient of a medical provider that prescribes marijuana for medicinal purposes, will have the opportunity to speak directly with advocates and physicians at the event. These professionals can offer insights and recommendations for how to best alleviate troublesome symptoms of your ailment using vaporizers, edibles, topicals and other CBD and hemp products. They can also assist you with what is needed to qualify for a medical marijuana card. And, if you have the time, listen in on panel discussions held throughout the expo focused on cannabis education and awareness featuring doctors, providers and cannabis industry specialists.



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September 23, 2023


September 24, 2023


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302 N 17TH ST ALLENTOWN, PA 18104, USA